Crafting A Simple, Yet Popular Python Library For Anonymous File Sharing


22 Apr 2023


As a passionate software developer, I am always looking for new ways to create solutions that can make a difference in people's lives. This quest led me to develop one of my most cherished open-source projects: a lightweight Python 3 library that has gained popularity on GitHub, enabling anonymous file sharing with ease. In this blog post, I will share the story behind the creation of this library, the technologies I used to build it, and the pride I feel in seeing its impact on the programming community.

The Idea Behind AnonFile

The idea for AnonFile was born out of the need for a simple and effective way to upload and download files from anonfiles.com using Python. The goal was to create an intuitive library that would streamline the process of anonymous file sharing for developers, making it accessible and hassle-free.

Building AnonFile

To bring this idea to life, I used a combination of Python libraries, including Requests and TQDM. Initially, the library also relied on Beautiful Soup 4, but it has since evolved to become even more lightweight and efficient. The end result is an API designed for seamless integration within Python scripts, as well as a robust command-line interface (CLI) that offers greater flexibility and functionality.

The Rise in Popularity

AnonFile's popularity has grown steadily on GitHub, amassing 60 stars and approaching 1,000 downloads per month. This success is a testament to the usefulness of the library and its ability to cater to the needs of the Python programming community. It has been rewarding to see the library embraced by fellow developers, who have found value in its simplicity and effectiveness.

A Sense of Pride

As AnonFile's creator, I take great pride in the impact it has had on the programming community. What started as a small project has grown into a valuable tool that developers around the world can use to streamline their anonymous file-sharing tasks. It is an accomplishment that fills me with immense satisfaction, knowing that my passion for software development has resulted in a project that is both practical and widely appreciated.


Developing AnonFile has been a truly rewarding experience, allowing me to combine my love for software development with the desire to create solutions that benefit the programming community. Seeing the library's rise in popularity has been a humbling and gratifying experience, reinforcing my belief in the power of passion and dedication. As I continue on my journey as a software developer, I am eager to explore new challenges and opportunities that will enable me to create even more impactful and innovative solutions for the world of programming.